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Electricity prices have soared in the past 5 years by an average of 66%. With electricity prices set to increase by 5 – 10 % annually over the next 5 years, now is a critical time to implement energy efficient led lighting system solutions to industrial, commercial and residential properties.

Renewable Energy Australia led’s last over 50,000 hrs (5.7 years of 24 hour full time use) and reduce wasteful energy by 50 − 90%. Led’s consume a fraction of the energy of traditional, HID or compact fluorescent lighting and will reduce annual energy consumption by up to 70% and considerably lower maintenance costs with realistic Return on Investment percentages. Further lowering Return on Investment is the financial incentives available to owned and lease held

properties through the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Scheme (VEET) and the New South Wales Energy Saving Scheme (ESS) when energy efficient lighting upgrades are implemented. These upgrades will also result in increased star ratings and carbon tax savings whilst helping the environment, creating a sustainable future.

Renewable Energy Australia’s lighting is plug and play solutions which are direct replacements for conventional incandescent, halogen and fluorescent fittings. Led lights are extremely friendly to the environment. They do not contain hazardous chemicals or gases. Traditional forms of lighting such as incandescent and halogen light bulbs contain hazardous chemicals and gases and produce ultra-violet (UV) radiation.

Similarly compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL) contain mercury, a highly toxic chemical that can be released if the bulb is broken or disposed of incorrectly.

Led lights convert over 95% of their energy input to light, while the remaining 5% is released as heat. Traditional incandescent bulbs are the opposite, wasting nearly 95% of the energy used as heat.

Renewable Energy Australia provides an ongoing service to manage your energy solution proposal. Your led lights have 5 – 10 year warranty periods and Renewable Energy Australia will maintain your warranty, so if a product should fail then we will exchange the product and manage the manufacturer’s replacement warranties.

Return on invest will vary with every building and is subject to site conditions.
Expected Return on Investment: 1 – 3 years.

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