Sunpower Panels

Sunpower PanelsSunPower is a world leader in solar technology which is the planets most powerful. Not all solar systems are the same. You only have one rooftop and one chance to invest in it, getting the world’s best performing technology is key for you to get the most out of your rooftop and your investment.

SunPower solar panels have the best in class warranty of a full 25 years while all competitor panel manufacturers have 10. SunPower have patented Maxeon Cell technology which deliver the most reliable panel with the best warranty in the industry … 9.1 % more warranted energy compared with the industry standard. The Maxeon Cell technology also offers world record panel efficiency and performance which equates to more energy produced and greater savings. SunPower panels undergo highly accelerated life tests which guarantees their operation 25 yrs and beyond providing excellent security for investment.
Renewable Energy Australia is proud to be a supplier and installer of the world’s leading PV solar panel manufacturer SunPower.

Warranty – 25 year product & performance

Sunpower Solar Panels